messing around with image glitching… dunno to what end yet.


I’ve got two pieces in this show, up now, Opening Reception October 14th.

They’re made out of my photo work but are not photos themselves. hah. Would love it if you came by.

via Lynne’s Lens

Juul Esteves, Screenprint poster made for “300 IMAGES SAUVAGES” exhibition.

Jayne DeSesa swinging in Maryland suburbs. Circa 1978. by Paula Gillen

Screenprint, 51 x 72 cm. 4 colors, October 2011. by Damien Tran

Campground, 05/1972. by Boyd Norton. via U.S. National Archives

TDO ripping up Gerry’s ramp in Burnaby 1978. via whistlersled

Screenprinting experimentation. by Tristram Mason